Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tales from the City

One of the things I love about SF is all the random art/graffiti and treasures you find along the sidewalk. No, I am not referring to the human feces mainly found on Haight street OR the plethora of puke in the Mission I'm talking light fixtures, tags that make you giggle, etc. Sometimes you almost feel that you can get to know someone based on what is placed outside of their building. Story number one:

The people above obviously just lost their cat due to the depressingly nearly full bag of food and cat carrier. Did the cat dissappear? Did it finally use up all of it's nine lives? Did it give it's owners the finger and say "fuck you, I'm out". Tis a mystery that shall never be solved.

Story number deux:

A "brah" garage sale. How did I come to the conclusion that these items are quite obviously full of  "Sup brah?" dudes?. 1. This was in the Marina (shhhh, I don't hang out there, I only have class there). 2. Beer pong tables. 3. "Novelty Items". In my mind this translates to stripper pole or a sculpture made out of beer cans. 4. Guitar Hero. Now, I am not knocking the awesomeness that is Guitar Hero, just that it's paired with a beer pong table usually means that these dudes are the loud neighbors you end up wanting to fucking MURDER.

Story number tres (yes, I am trying to be "cultured" by using 3 different languages in one post stfu):

This isn't really a story, more like awesome art because it reminds me of the fact that I will cut a bitch if they try and take my donut. Seriously. Also, the best donuts can be found on the corner of 9th and Judah in the awesome 24 hour place known as Donut World. An excellent place in the city to go when stoned. It got to a point where the guy behind the counter actually knew exactly what I wanted and would pull out a fresh batch of donuts. Methinks he could have been high as well... ahhhhh memories.

This is obviously a love post dedicated to the city that really sparks a love/hate relationship while living here. WOOT!

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